Please enter a content channel ID:


I did a Linux pip install, created a facility, class and users. For
content, I chose Internet but the system prompts as follows:

“Please enter a content channel ID:”

No instructions are present on what to do here. The documentation seems
out of date with the software:

Kolibri 0.4.4

Note: previous thread here was no help:

Note2: During install there was an error messages in red:>

“Your models have changes that are not yet reflected in a
migration, and so won’t be applied. Run ‘ makemigrations’ to
make new migrations, and then re-run ‘ migrate’ to apply them.”

However the install proceeded to perform many migrations without error. Kolibri seem to run fine so I took no action.

Hi @nobicycle,

Thank you for your feedback, and we are sorry for the issue you are experiencing.

This is the delay on our part, as the Kolibri pypi package is still at version 0.4.4, while the latest Kolibri release is version 0.7.0. The pypi package update is in our pipeline and will be ready for the 0.7.1 release early in 2018.

At this stage of development the recommended way to run Kolibri on Linux is to use the PEX file, same as for macOS. There is a DEB installer on Launchpad, but it is still Work-in-Progress and it might create other issues. We recommend you download the PEX file to test this latest release of Kolibri.

When you run Kolibri 0.7 from the PEX file, you will be able to import content from public channels without knowing the channel ID/token in advance, which was required in previous Kolibri versions. Go to Device > Content, press the Import button, and (if the device is connected to Internet) you will be able to select a channel to import from those available on Kolibri Studio site, that is the “Kolibri Central Server”:

If you have curated a content channel of your own on Kolibri Studio, you will have to know its ID/token and use it to import its content into Kolibri. Scroll at the bottom of the public channels in the above step, and use the Don’t see your channel listed? Try adding the token link at the end.

As for the Note 2, it’s more of the warning then error, and as you noted Kolibri runs correctly despite it. We will work on making that terminal message less confounding for the users.


Thanks for the detailed but concise, perfectly understandable reply. (No really, you have a talent for technical communication)

I’ll have to wait since I use Arch Linux and pex packages are flagged as out of date on that system.

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