H5P and html5 content access issue


  • cannot load H5P or html5 content in kolibri even when i change to different port “ZIP_CONTENT_PORT”, i cannot load any resource imported from PHET fre example.

in kolibri there is :slight_smile:

The website will not allow Firefox to display the page if it is embedded by another site

and when i click to open a new window

HTTP Status 403 – Forbidden

when i exit from the content, i see there are a some progress made in the bar

Technical details

  • Kolibri version : the latest in github 0.15.x 1b8dcb2d6409efad6204d53578bfc16bfe8cc29
  • Operating system : ubuntu 18
  • Browser: firefox 96.0 (64 bits)

Hi @nassim09,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues - can you clarify what you mean by:

This may be disallowed by our Content Security Policy, but would have to understand exactly what is happening to guide further.

Kind Regards,