Feature request: edit and remove questions

In Studio, when copying an exercise to the clipboard from a public channel and moving it to my own channel, I would like the ability to curate the questions I have imported. With Permission set to View Only, I can’t remove individual questions and I can’t alter the order they are shown either. This functionality would be a welcome addition and wouldn’t (in my opinion) violate the View Only restriction, since no question content is actually being altered from the original.

Hello @eriklonnroth,

Thank you for submitting this request! This seems like a bug as these operations should be allowed. In order to better understand the problem, could you please list the following information?

  • What channel you’re importing from
  • What channel you’re importing to
  • What kinds of questions are used (single select, multi-select, input, or perseus)
  • What operating system you’re using (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • What browser you’re using (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • Any additional steps to replicate the issue

I apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. Thank you for your patience!

Hi Jordan,

I was attempting to import a maths exercise from Khan Academy (English) into my own private channel that I use for testing, called Watobe Test. The problem occurs with all maths exercises from Khan Academy, and I’m guessing that this is because they’re actually hosted on khanacademy.org rather than on Kolibri Studio? The only way to view the question content is in fact to click the Preview link, which takes you to a khanacademy.org URL. See screenshot below, with the hosting URL appearing in the bottom left of the image.

I’m guessing your implementation simply creates placeholders for Khan Academy questions (16 questions on Binomial Expansion, in this example), and then lets KA serve them to the user in their preferred order? If so, I can understand why there is no delete, edit, or re-order functionality within Kolibri. Let me know if that’s right.

Hi @eriklonnroth ,

The issue for these is that as you note, we currently have no capability to preview or edit these in Studio. We are planning to allow preview of these in future on Studio.

We might be able to allow deletion or reordering of specific questions in the future, but as you can see that is not currently possible. Would being able to reorder or delete specific questions be helpful, or is editing required?

Kind Regards,


Hi Richard,

For me the most important thing is just being able to delete questions to bring the total number down. Right now I have to accept whatever number of questions is in there by default (e.g. 16 in the example I cited). For my use case, which involves giving mini-assignments to students, that’s too many questions.

If you could allow me to selectively delete questions after I import them to my channel, that would work. Alternatively, put checkboxes next to the placeholder questions when I’m viewing them in the KA channel and let me copy only that selection of questions to the clipboard. Either way would work.

Hello @eriklonnroth,

Thank you for providing this information! This is the intended behavior for the perseus question type as Studio doesn’t support previewing the perseus format yet (there a some technical challenges in trying to render this particular format). We decided to block these edits to prevent unintended changes to exercises as a result of not seeing the actual questions. We are working on supporting a perseus previewer in the future, so I have opened an issue to make sure we revisit this when the time comes. Again, I appreciate your patience in this.

In the meantime, Kolibri should allow you to limit the number of questions through the quiz creation page. This will also allow you to see the questions you are selecting. Hope this helps!

Hi @jordan, thanks for your reply.

I am aware that quizzes allow you to select individual questions. However, quizzes don’t work exactly like lesson exercises, given that they don’t display the correct answer right away. So it would still be useful to be able to select individual questions within lessons/delete the ones I don’t want to include when importing to my channel. Thanks for opening the issue - I’ll look forward to seeing the update when you get around to it :slight_smile: