Export usage data session logs and summary logs download not working

HI, I was trying to export usage data but when i click the download button nothing happens. Any ideas on this?
Console output

Hi @mikiasephrem, thank you for reporting this issue.
Could you provide more details about your system so we can properly investigate it?

Hi @radina-matic thanks for replaying, here is kolibri.log file It seems like i can’t upload .log file

hi @mikiasephrem can you do the first thing Radina adviced?

Copy the info from the Device > Info tab, or send us a screenshot

In the screenshot you attached I can see some of your system details, but not the Kolibri version, for example.

Hi @jredrejo here is the kolibri versionkolibri version

Ah, I see you are not running a stable version.
That’s clearly a bug in the development version. Would you mind create an issue at https://github.com/learningequality/kolibri/issues?

If you can’t, feel free to tell it to me and I will do it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi -

0.11.0 alpha 5 was from August 8. I was not able to reproduce this issue on the latest 0.11.0 development version, which is beta 2.



@mikiasephrem As José & Devon mentioned, we do not recommend installing the development versions (which are for internal testing use only, and hence unstable) to the general public.

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