0.13 Generating data on session logs takes so long - Doesn't seem to finish

Hello Team,

I upgraded my Kolibri by running the latest version, it has been working well and I absolutely love the new features. We have been using Kolibri with a new course and it has been keeping well.
However, I tried generating the sessions logs, and it has been more than a week now Kolibri trying to generate the logs.
I have tried, shutting down Kolibri, restarting my machine, but even after all this, it does not stop the generating process, I cant stop so it has been ongoing.

@jonathan @laura Is this a known problem? How can i get this data in other ways? Command line maybe?

Maxwell Fundi

Hi Maxwell,

Thanks for reporting this – it’s not an issue we’ve seen yet. Can you try the following commands:

kolibri manage exportlogs --log-type summary
kolibri manage exportlogs --log-type session

These commands will help if the issue is in the UI. If it’s not, we’ll need a copy of your database to look for the error.

Hello @laura I am very happy to report that the data was successfully exported from the command line.
Probably there is a slight issue with the front end in an ending loop.

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Hi @maxwellfundi - we were hoping you could help us reproduce this problem with the UI.

I filed an issue here: https://github.com/learningequality/kolibri/issues/6582

Any additional information would be helpful if you’re still able to reproduce. For example:

  • version of Kolibri and server OS
  • server or client logs with errors

thank you!