Detailed analytics - where the student stopped

Is there a way to see not only how much progress has a student made over some text or video, but also where exactly they have stopped?

Hi @Dmitry_Linov,

We do log something approximate to that information, mostly for the convenience of the student to move back to the point in the video where they stopped, or return to the last read page in a PDF. However, as this data is varied across different resource types, there is not a consistent way of rendering this to the coach reports.

If you are interested in looking in more detail, it is possible to see this information in the ContentSummaryLog model, but would require some work in Python or the database directly to access this information.

It will be under the extra_fields field/column which is a text stored JSON field. It will be a JSON object with the contentState key, under that object, for videos/audio for example, this will be saved as savedLocation: kolibri/kolibri/plugins/media_player/assets/src/views/MediaPlayerIndex.vue at develop · learningequality/kolibri · GitHub

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