Custom Kolibri Content Directory

Operating System: Windows

Browser: Chrome

Description of problem:

I’m on a windows machine with two users. Let’s call them “user1” and “user2”.
I installed Kolibri Studio using user1 profile. As such, all the content us located in C:\Users\user1\.kolibri\

Now, my problem is, I want user2 to access the same content with the same Super User account (different account is fine too). If I had an option to point Kolibri to a specific content directory, I’d have just told Kolibri Studio to fetch things from C:\Users\user1\.kolibri\. But unfortunately, I can’t.

I don’t want to download the same content on the same computer just because of different windows users.

My request is, if it exists, tell me how I can change the default content directory. If not, how can I go about solving this problem? Perhaps there is some way to create some kind of shortcut thingy and make Kolibri think the content is located in C:\Users\user2\.kolibri\?

Hello @beabzk, apologies for late reply!

Check this documentation chapter on how to change the Kolibri Home folder. We believe the following scenario might be useful for you:

(You will have to have user1 and user2 created on Kolibri too)

  1. Sign in as user1 and stop Kolibri (right click the taskbar Kolibri icon and click on Exit).
  2. Move the Kolibri home folder from C:\Users\user1\.kolibri\ folder to the new location, for example C:\Kolibri\.kolibri\.
  3. Share that folder with user2 (right click and select Properties > Sharing).
  4. Run the following in Command Prompt:
    setx KOLIBRI_HOME "C:\Kolibri\.kolibri"
  5. Restart Kolibri and you should be able to open in the browser and sign in as user1.
  6. Now sign in on Windows as user2 and stop Kolibri.
  7. Run the same command as above in Command Prompt:
    setx KOLIBRI_HOME "C:\Kolibri\.kolibri"
  8. Restart Kolibri and you should be able to open the browser sign into Kolibri as user2.

This way both users will have the same shared folder where the channels are stored, and you will not have to download them separately for each user.

Let us know if this scenario is responding to your needs.

Thank you for the reply. I wasn’t aware of the environmental variables.
I decided to use D:\KOLIBRI_DATA directory as it was already shared between both accounts.
Ran setx KOLIBRI_HOME "D:\KOLIBRI_DATA" in both accounts. Works like a charm :+1:

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