Kolibri content serving from S3 or cloud storage


Is it possible to keep content (.kolibri) directory in Google cloud storage or AWS S3 so that when content is imported from Studio it gets stored in the given locations and served from those location as well.
It seems the movedirectory command works for the local directories only where the kolibri is installed. Please correct if I am wrong and suggest.

Thanks for help.

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Manish Deshmukh

Hi @Manish,

You are correct, as an offline first platform, Kolibri’s focus is on serving locally available content to users on a local network.

I imagine an enterprising person could setup redirects and create functionality to store the Kolibri content on a cloud storage platform, but that’s not something we’ve done up until this point.

One possibility would be to resolve this issue: Port content operations to use Django's Storage class · Issue #5698 · learningequality/kolibri · GitHub, by implementing the current file management processes as a Django Storage class, this would allow it to be swapped out for another storage class that connects to a cloud backend.

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Many thanks for your swift reponse Richard. I shall check on the suggested solutions.

Best Regards,
Manish Deshmukh