Creating new quiz

I have imported the following attached channels from kolibri studio online. But when I want to create quiz Only two channels 1. Be strong; Internet safety resources
2. osmosis are available to create quiz others they dont appear.

Hi @vigilantvijimbo,

This is because other channels you imported from Kolibri Studio do not contain exercises that are needed to create quizzes.

If you go to Kolibri Studio website (, you can check the types of content the public channel contains by clicking the name of the channel.

For example,
this image shows the types of content that Be strong; Internet safety resources contains:

and here are the types of content that EngageNY (en) contains:

Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you!


Thanks a lot

A quick question on this, if I uploaded a PDF document on a channel, and I want to have a quiz from the PDF document, like set my own questions, how would I do this?
@vigilantvijimbo @jonathan @laura

Hey maxwellfundi,

To create a quiz based on content from the PDF, you can create your own Exercise at with guidance from this section of the documentation.

You’ll need to open the PDF side-by-side and personally extract the content of your choosing into the exercise in order to create it. Then you can publish that channel and import it into your instance of Kolibri.

From there, once you have that channel imported into Kolibri, you will be able to create a Quiz using that Exercise.


Okay great, many thanks!