Creating a quiz from Lessons

I think it would be very useful to be able to create a quiz from the resources we as a coach have already collected in a lesson. Right now I can only create a quiz from selecting resources from the channels. Suppose I can make one lesson about Derivatives with all the video and practice problem resources from different channels. Later if I want to create a quiz to assess students, I should be able to create a quiz from the resources already in that lesson. Searching and selected the resources from channels can be hectic sometimes.

Thank you for the feedback!

Using lessons (or potentially classes) as a way of scoping content during quiz creation is an interesting idea. I’ve added it to our internal tracker.

I hope this can happen soon. It has proved to very useful to use this system in many schools, and having the ability to create user generated quizzes from the content we develop is really invaluable.


Maxwell Fundi