Creating a channel aligned for Zambia school system

At the moment I am a volunteer in a learning community in Zambia. The place is pretty much offline.

I wanted to create a channel that aligns with the Zambian education system. I have the curriculum outlined, but what is the best way to curate content from Khans Academy, CK-12, Phet and other sources.

I already went into Studio making folders outlining the curriculum for the topics and subtopics, but often I find it a bit hard to find the appropriate content for the current grade?

Any advice on how creating a channel aligned for a curriculum?

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I can see that curriculum alignment is discussed in this Youtube-video. Is there something more available through Kolibri?

Hello @lsolesen,

You will find very useful resources to learn about work on curriculum alignment in this Kolibri channel.

In summary, the strategy for the aligner (or team of aligners), is:

  1. Obtain the appropriate curriculum (which is more or less easy depending on the institutions that manage said curriculum)
  2. Create the channel in Studio with the folders / subfolders that appropriately map out the curriculum (which can be modified at will as the mapping project evolves) and its learning objectives
  3. Open one or more tabs (in your browser) with the library channels you want to draw from (ie. Khan Academy, PhET, etc.)
  4. Copy to clipboard the relevant resources (even full folders) from the library channels
  5. Go back to the tab of your aligned channel, open the clipboard (bottom right of the tab), select the resources and “move” them to the pertinent folders/subfolders. You can always move again those resources to other folders in your channels as needed.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions.

This recording may also provide you with a wider panorama of the process of curriculum alignment, with experiences from around the world using the Kolibri platform:

@vahidm I cannot access the topic on the demo site. Could you add me to the topic with the user lsolesen?

Thanks for letting us know @lsolesen. We have now resolved the issue (whhich was on our side of things).You should now be able to access Kolibri