Change user password hash

In KALite, How can I change which hash is used for user passwords from the default to MD5? I will be importing users into the DB directly from another system and MD5 works best for us.


Hi @cdouglas

I realize that these are not usually not the most sensitive passwords, since they are typically handed out by teachers as simple 4-digit numbers etc.

However, I have to say: MD5 is broken and is considered very insecure because modern hardware can easily reverse the hashes.

You can use the Django project setting PASSWORD_HASHERS following these instructions:

You would have to configure it in your ~/.kalite/

Good luck and thanks for stopping by :smile:

Thanks for your reply. I followed the directions but no matter what I tried, I could not get it to change from the default. Can you provide exactly what I need to add to the settings file to make this work?