Recovering Admin account user name and password on KA Lite using Windows 10

I have been trying to figure out how to access my admin account information for a few days now, I have tried uninstalling and installing the software and have searched all over for the command prompt for the software but everywhere I try the code “kalite manage createsuperuser” I get no response. I am using windows 10 and using KA Lite for my own personal use and not part of a class can you help me recover the admin account username and password.

@RadinaMatic Could you try this command on Windows 10, just to clarify if there is a specific issue with Windows 10?

Otherwise we should perhaps ask the user for more input about the nature of the issue.

@carine @benjamin

The command works on Windows 10, you just need to use the “old” Command Prompt, not the PowerShell.

You can find the Command Prompt under Windows System folder in the startup menu:

Win10 (start) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_124