Ability to change password

Right now only Super Admin can change their password. It would be nice if coaches and learners can change their passwords too. As a coach and admin, I can create accounts for learners with a standard password and later on they can change their password.

Hi @mathkhan thanks for the suggestion! We’ll take it on board, but it would probably be added as a new facility setting that would allow any user to reset their password from the profile page.

I have now added this to our internal trackers to integrate this possible need into future planning.

I seem to have misread your post, so am now looking to clarify - you say only a Super Admin can change a password.

Currently Admins can also change any user’s password from the Facility tab.

Each individual user can also change their own password from the Profile tab.


See the ‘change password’ link above.

Is there another scenario you were looking to have supported?

Admin and Learner’s profile page doesn’t show the change password link, only super admin’s profile page is showing that link. My Kolibri version is 0.12.2.

Do I have to change some settings to make that link appear?
currently I am using these settings.

Interesting, thank you for the information!

That looks like a bug. I’ve filed an issue in github and we’ll take a deeper look.

Hi @mathkhan -

Just a heads-up that this issue was addressed in our latest release, 0.12.3. We also have a new 0.12.4 release currently in beta-testing. If you’d like to try it and give any feedback, you can download it here.