Can't register - it keeps saying that I have no internet connection

On registration page it keeps telling me:

“Device registration
The device needs to have internet access when first being registered. Please ensure it is connected to the internet, and then refresh this page.”

However, I am connected to the Internet. How could I solve this problem? I would like to register because I want to download the videos, but if there are other ways to get videos for kalite, without the need of registering , I wouldn’t mind using them…

Without knowing more details about your specific machine, it is hard to say why your device isn’t connecting to our registration page. Have you tried some early troubleshooting? Firewalls, checking country permission, etc. etc.?

You can download videos in bulk, which doesn’t require you to go through the KA Lite interface. Take a look at our documentation:

I experienced this recently when my Internet connection was fine, but I couldn’t connect to – so the error message is kind of misleading when the Internet connection is up, but the connection/server at is down. It worked 5 minutes later.

Short version: Try again, @Zyberg and let us know if it’s persistent!