Mounting a backup USB drive on Linux

I have a usb partition mounted on /mnt/usbdisk.

$ls /mnt/usbdisk/KOLIBRI_DATA/content/databases/
131e543dbecf5776bb13cfcfddf05605.sqlite3 1ceff53605e55bef987d88e0908658c5.sqlite3 3e464ee12f6a50a781cddf59147b48b1.sqlite3 d6e3b856125f5e6aa5fb40c8b112d5e9.sqlite3
197934f144305350b5820c7c4dd8e194.sqlite3 1d8f6d84618153c18c695d85074952a7.sqlite3 8b28761bac075deeb66adc6c80ef119c.sqlite3

KOLIBRI_DATA was copied from elsewhere.

I then ensured that the kolibri user account that owns and runs Kolibri also owned KOLIBRI_DATA

sudo chown -R kolibri:kolibri /mnt/usbdisk/KOLIBRI_DATA/

Proof on correct permissions:

$ sudo -u kolibri ls /mnt/usbdisk/KOLIBRI_DATA/content/
[sudo] password for me:
databases storage

In the Kolibri webapp I try an export and obtain
“No drives that can be written to are connected to the server”

The fstab entry is:

UUID=ad1bf10f-9adc-4204-b7c4-94788abf1f17 /mnt/usbdisk auto nofail,auto,noatime,rw,user 0 0

@nobicycle how did you configure Kolibri to know that data is located in /mnt/usbdisk/KOLIBRI_DATA/ ?

The documentation states that ANY directory named KOLIBRI_DATA in the ## root ## of a disk will get picked up by Kolibri for import. On Linux I am told this volume must be declared in the fstab.

BTW if anyone is facing similar issues, the last section of the Kolibri documentation describes import/export command line utilities that work fine on Linux.