Can you add web links?

I am new to Kolibri and can’t find a way to insert web links into our trainings. Can someone help please?

Edify IT

Hi @EdifyIT, welcome to LE community forums!

Considering that the main use cases for Kolibri cover implementations in offline settings, we did not prioritize features like adding links for other (online) sources. What you could do as a workaround is:

  1. Collect the links in a document (any word processor should work fine).
  2. Export the document as a PDF or zipped HTML file.
  3. Upload to any of your channels on Studio.
  4. Import or update the channel in Kolibri.

Read more about the required structure for the HTML ZIP file on the Studio User Guide. Linked topic in the guide talks about HTML applications but it will also work for any simple HTML page with a list of links. The most important part is that the filename inside the ZIP must be index.html.

This can be easily accomplished by naming a simple Google document with a list of links as index, and downloading as a zipped .html file. Once you upload the ZIP file to your channel, publish and import in Kolibri, it will display like this (right side of the image here):