Kolibre Index for HTML

Dear all I was trying to create a module to be uploaded to the kolibre studio, after designing and making it HTML, I was able to upload it through the Kolibre studio but it won’t work, please do I need a Rachel index there is a kolibre index, can anyone help me with it.


Hi @Johnson,

Looking at the zip file, I can see that there’s a parent directory inside:

 Length   Method    Size  Cmpr    Date    Time   CRC-32   Name
--------  ------  ------- ---- ---------- ----- --------  ----
    5657  Defl:N     1745  69% 2023-04-06 07:24 54c9d671  PROFESSOR MOM/index.html
[... other items redacted]

Most utilities for creating ZIP files will include the parent directory by default so that when you extract the ZIP, the files will be extracted into one new directory. For Kolibri to use the HTML5 ZIP, the index.html cannot be nested within a directory like as is the case with your ZIP, but needs to be at the root of the ZIP file.

The methods for doing this vary by the tool and operating system used to create the ZIP file. I recommend you search the internet for a solution ‘ZIP an archive without including parent directory’ for your OS and ZIP utility.


thank you, I will try that and respond