Can offline teachers add videos? Can students see video view counts?

  1. Does Kolibri currently allow fully offline teachers to add a video?

    Would this require Kolibri Studio to be installed and set up in the field?
    (Or is there some similar way, for offline-teachers-in-the-field to add a new/important video to a Kolibri Channel?)

  2. Can students see how many “views” a video has received, e.g. how many times it’s been viewed by other students?

    Or is this currently not possible?
    (Is there some similar way to accomplish this currently, or perhaps in future?)

Hi @holt,

  1. Currently this is not possible, as all resources must be propagated via Kolibri Studio - and we do not engineer/support Kolibri Studio to be run in this way. However, this has been a long standing need we have been aware of in the community, and we have spent the last year scoping and prioritizing these offline content needs. In upcoming releases of Kolibri we will start allowing for more customization of resources on the local device - starting with enhancements to the way that quizzes are created and edited on Kolibri, and with voice notes to allow resources to have additional contextual information supplied by a teacher. Adding in additional whole resources will also be in scope for this, hopefully some time next year.

  2. The data exists for this - but we’ve not exposed it in the frontend previously. The only time this has been made somewhat apparent has been when showing recommendations based on ‘popular on this device’. We haven’t heard any other feedback pointing to this as a vital need, but would be interested to hear more about the specific use case you are seeing on the ground that is driving this.

Kind Regards,