Can Kolibri Be Used On Amazon Fire Tablets?

I am currently in the process of trying to plan a system that will allow us to implement Kolibri in a community of 400 children. This has proved to be quite a challenging feat. I have looked at all available tablet options to use as clients, which are quite minimal with an extremely low budget for each unit. However, I have discovered that Amazon Fire tablets can be purchased for just $50. I was wondering if Kolibri can be run on Fire tablets, if there will ever be a Kolibri app on the Amazon marketplace, and the difficulties of configuring LAN tablets with the Amazon OS as opposed to the simplicity of an Android tablet.

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Yes they work fine. I set up a network for the first time in July for an orphanage in Mexico. This is our first effort, and I am not an IT person.

We are trying some different tablets, but have 6 kindle fire (kid version). We were looking for something that had a decent warranty and was rugged and affordable.

Essentially, you set up server with a wireless access point. Connect the Kindle fire to the wireless access point in the and then open the Kindle browser (Silk? I think).

You will need the specific URL from the Kolibri server. The documentation walks you through this. I think ours was https:\ We set up the server to have a static IP address to the wireless access point so that we would not have to change the address on the kindles each time.

I don’t think you need a Kolibri app per se as the browser should be able to do it.

As I said, we just did this in July 2018 so I don’t have a lot of feedback as to how well they are working. We were able to get them to work and connect and run videos. I got one of those “gaming” type wireless access points so in theory, should be able to handle more wireless overhead.

I would have liked to do more “stress testing” with multiple devices simultaneously to see the impact on performance.

I hope that is helpful. I can give you more details if you want to offline.




Thanks, Pete! One additional thing to note: We have similarly tested on Amazon Fire tablets and it works well, but we encourage you to download Chrome as you may run into some difficulties with the pre-installed browser.

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