Where is imported channel is located?

After importing channel from kolibri on my raspberry pi sd card i want to know where is my channel is stored on pi? after searching, i came to know that it is stored in KOLIBRI_DATA folder but i can’t find where is that folder is? please help


Hi DJ,

Thanks for the question - it should be located in the .kolibri folder inside the user home directory for the user that is running Kolibri.

Inside that folder you will find a folder called content inside there will be storage and databases. The channel metadata will be in a database file with the channel id as the name. The content will be sorted in the storage folder by the MD5 hash of the files (with those files set as the file names).

It’s not the most helpful place for looking through the files, that’s best done through Kolibri, but that’s where they are!

Follow these instructions if you would like to move your content folder to a different location.

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