What would you like to see from Kolibri Virtual Learning Spaces?

Kolibri Virtual Learning Spaces is an initiative designed to support Learning Equality’s vision of building connections and sharing experiences within the Kolibri community.

Our first KVLS event was a webinar in January 2021, focused on the topic of using Kolibri during COVID-19. We heard stories and lessons learned from organizations who had adapted use of Kolibri during the pandemic, followed by a Q&A from the audience. You can find a recording of this session here if you are interested in learning more.

As we look ahead to our future sessions, we’d like to hear from you! What format and topics would you like to see? Do you have a use case of Kolibri that you would like to share more broadly with the community in this type of live session? Let us know!

Hey, Laura!

I would find nourishing to find a space to talk about different topics (hardware, curriculum & channels, implementations models, experiences). I assisted to the first KVLS and I found it interesting. Nonetheless, I would also find edifying a space where conversation is more horizontal, I imagine Kolibri users sharing experiences and dialoguing synchronously about the chosen topic (maybe, by small groups)… This is a half-baked idea!