We're a Google Summer of Code 2024 mentoring organization!

:drum: For the 4th year running, Learning Equality has been selected as a Google Summer of Code mentoring organization!

Over the years, this program has been extremely important to us, not only because of the invaluable contributions to our products and tools, but also because of the countless opportunities it affords us to connect with incredible open-source community volunteers like yourselves–some of whom have even gone on to become part of our team!

If you’re a developer interested in learning more about this program, check out this our GSoC 2024 Ideas List!


Hello, I was going through the ideas list, and " Integrate Bloom Pub format into Kolibri ecosystem" seemed interesting to me, I am familiar with APIs, Python and Javascript, but I am very confused about the kolibri ecosystem, from a quick read I could understand that the extension would be a django application. I wanted to ask who is the potential mentor for this project and where I could reach them to clear some of my doubts.

Hello @jailbreakerVC !

If you are interested in knowing more about our GSoC project ideas, send us an email to gsoc@learningequality.org, and you can join our #gsoc-2024 Slack channel! We hope to see you soon!

Hi @RadinaMatic !
can I have the slack channel link to join??

Hello @Janarthan_P

If you are interested in knowing more about our GSoC project ideas, send us an email to gsoc@learningequality.org, and you can join our # gsoc-2024 Slack channel! We hope to see you soon!

@RadinaMatic I have sent an email. Waiting for the slack invite, thanks.

@jailbreakerVC You’re invited!

Hello , I am rd , I have been gone through the GSoC idea page , and “Adding readability features to Kolibri EPUB renderer to support learners with dyslexia” is captivating my soul. I am familiar with python, API’s ,and currently exploring the technologies going to be used in this project. I have already sent an email to given mail address , and am waiting for the slack invite and further collaboration !

hey there Laura, very excited for the this years GSOC project especially Blaine and Jacob’s visual testing proposal, i have already setup the respective repository and am currently working on issues, I sent the email requesting for the slack invite as i would like to discuss and learn more about the ecosystem

Hello Everyone,

I’m Eslam Ashraf, currently in my final year pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering at Cairo University.

I am looking to contribute to the fields of Angular, Django and AI. I have a good experience as Full stack using Angular, Django and MySQL. I have a good experience in NLP and Computer vision. I am experienced with a number of programming languages, including Python, Java, and C++.

I was asked to contribute to the GSoC “Implement a prototype of an accessible sortable table” project or “Integrate Bloom Pub format into Kolibri ecosystem” project. I think I need some clarification in ideas.

project. How to get started and join slack ?

Thanks Best regards,

Eslam Ashraf

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eslam-ashraf-b70880216/

Github: https://github.com/EslamAsHhraf

Portfolio : eslamashhraf.github.io

Hello @RadinaMatic ,
I send the request to email which you provided, but i did not get the invitation link for slack channel

@Priya_kumari I just sent you the invite, yesterday was Sunday :wink:

Hi, can i still join the slack channel? :slight_smile:

Hey @practicat, you’re invited!


Can I join in slack I am interested in Integrate Bloom Pub format into Kolibri ecosystem from gsoc -2024 idea list.

My name is Sreehari I am first year mechanical engineering student at IIT BOMBAY(INDIA)this idea is interesting to me .

I would love to work with this community.

Hey @Sreehari, you’re invited!

Hii @RadinaMatic , I have been contributing for the last 2 months in Kolibri and Kolibri studio. I wanted to join your slack channel please send me the invite link for the channel.

Hi @RadinaMatic , Aniket Kumar here I am CS UG sophomore ,I am really interested in contributing to Kolibri in Distributed error reporting project from your idea list . I am familiar working with Python and APIs . Can I join Slack ?

Hey @abhishek_chaudhary & @Aniket_Kumar , you have been invited!

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Hi Learning Equality Community, my name is Malik Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a final year computer science student from Indonesia (Bandung, Institute of Technology) :wave::wave:

I am very excited to contribute to this project for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2024. I have several experiences, such as internships and freelance projects, regarding web development. Can I please have slack invitation, you can invite me through my email: malikakbarrafsan@gmail.com . Thank you so much in advance!

Looking forward to working with the community and fellow contributors!

Here is my profile
GitHub: http://github.com/malikrafsan
Personal Website: https://site.malikrafsan.tech/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/malik-rafsanjani/
Email: malikakbarrafsan@gmail.com
Resume: Resume_Malik Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.pdf - Google Drive
PPT Profile: [2024-02-22] Professional Profile - Malik Akbar - Google Slides