We're a Google Summer of Code 2024 mentoring organization!

Hi @RadinaMatic , can you suggest any microtask which I can do for warmup ?
That would be great .

@Aniket_Kumar, you joined our Slack channel, check the two pinned documents there as they contain all the necessary information to prepare your proposal.

Already on it, thanks !

Hi @RadinaMatic
I have recently sent a mail to gsoc@learningequality.org regarding slack channel invite.
Kindly invite me to join your #gsoc-2024 Slack channel.

@KARTIK_KUMAR You’re invited!

Can I please have slack invitation, you can invite me through my email: siddeshas.personal@gmail.com .

Hi @RadinaMatic I sent an email some hours ago for this, could I be sent the invite as well? Thank you.

hi @RadinaMatic , same with me i sent mail 7hr back, Can I please get Slack invitation?

hi @RadinaMatic and @laura , just a suggestion, we can use https://communityinviter.com/ to generate an automatic sending the invite instead of manually sending it :slight_smile:

@RadinaMatic Thank you for the invite

@SIDDESH_A_S @Yoma_Ata, I invited you to our Slack channel.

However, keep in mind that the deadline to submit proposals is April 2, and that realistically it is way too short a period to properly understand the project ideas, and present a competitive proposal, at least one that could stand to those by candidates who were already involved and contributing for weeks or months prior.

Thank you for the suggestion @SIDDESH_A_S, we’ll keep it in mind for next year GSoC.

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No problem. Thank you.

I’ve sent an email and also applied for gsoc, awaiting the slack invite.