Using tokens to download content

Dear colleagues,
I am trying to download content using tokens but they are not being provided.
for example Secondary Education.
Please advice on how i can go about it.

Hello @Simon, welcome to our community forums!

Hope you don’t mind, but I edited your post to remove the token from the public post. We encourage users to share the tokens to their channels, and there is a dedicated Share your channel forum for that, but in case of technical issues with unlisted channels, it’s better to share tokens with a LE team member in a direct (private) message.

We can see that your Secondary Education channel has last been published in July 2021, am I correct in assuming that what you are reporting is that you are unable import the most recent resources added to it? Since the channel seems to have many incomplete resources (see yellow and red icons in the screenshot below), I would suggest you or another editor fix those issues and try to publish again. When the publishing completes, you should be able to use the token and import in full.

If you were trying to report a different issue, please provide more details so we can best support you.