[Read me first!] Sharing your own channels

We encourage members of the community to share any personally created private channels with the Kolibri community so that others may benefit.

What do I need to consider before sharing my channel token?

  • Do you have the rights to distribute these resources? The resources in your channel, wherever they come from, must have the right licensing permissions to share offline in Kolibri. Free or available online doesn’t mean it is licensed for downloading or redistributing, so make sure to refer to the list of possible content licenses and label the licenses correctly in Studio.
  • Did you create the resources? If you created the resources, select the license with which you are comfortable. If the resources were created by someone else and you are simply sharing them on Kolibri, please refer to the source’s own licensing to confirm that you are able to use their materials .

How can I share my channel?

  1. Ensure that the content you have uploaded or curated has the appropriate licensing to be shared more broadly for offline use.

  2. Find the token for your published channel on Studio:

  1. Create a new post in this section and complete the template to share information on your channel

Will sharing the token to my channel allow others to edit it?

No, only current editors will retain permission to make changes to the channel. Sharing the channel token strictly allows users to import the channel into their installations of Kolibri.

How do I use the token to access the content channel in Kolibri?

See our user guide section on importing content to learn how to import a channel using a token.

Does sharing my channel token here mean that it will become publicly listed on Kolibri?

No, the channels in the Kolibri Content Library are resources that have been selected and organized by our team. Nobody will be able to see your channel except those you have shared with here. Importantly, Learning Equality has not vetted or endorsed the resources within the channels shared here: this is a community space.

If you wish to have your privately listed channel considered for addition to the Library, please let our team know! We are always happy to add new resources to the library, or to make curriculum aligned materials available.

Create a new topic thread to share your channel:
When you create a new topic, you’ll be prompted to fill out the following information.

Channel name:

Channel token:

Primary language:

Topic areas:

Suggested age ranges or education levels:

Are the materials meant to be used by coaches or by learners? Or both?:

Any special target audiences?

Resource formats [Videos, Documents, etc.]:


Notes about the channel, including how the resources are intended to be used:

*If you’re new to channel creation and are interested in creating one, please read our guide to channel creation in Kolibri Studio User Guide — Kolibri Studio User Guide