Unable to login into the in-context crowdin translation site

Am following instructions from this doc -

Am unable to login with these credentials -

Second, you need to select a Kolibri user login - use either of these login/password combinations: admindemo/pass (for admin user), coachdemo/pass (for coach user), learnerdemo/pass (for learner user).

Hence in-context review and translation is not possible. Please guide with the correct credentials.

Hi @shrenik!

Thank you for reporting this. We recently updated the in-context server, and it might have changed some user credentials. I’ve now reset them to those stated in the guidelines, so please try again!

Let us know if you managed to login and explore the translation server, and don’t hesitate to contact us again in case of other questions or doubts!


Hi @radina-matic, Yes it worked. Thanks.