Kolibri's 4th birthday: Show some love for our favorite bird! Request for the community

Dear Kolibri Community,

December 7th marks four years from when Kolibri was first publicly released into the world. We couldn’t be more thrilled and proud of the community that has been built around making Kolibri fly these past few years, and we’re inviting you to join in on the celebration.

What we’re asking from the community: If you have just a minute to spare in the next two days, we would love a recording of you, your colleagues, friends, and anyone who wants to contribute, to record a quick video clip saying happy birthday to Kolibri. We’re going to make it into a compilation that we’ll share out on our social media this week in honor of the big day!

Feel free to post it here or share it with us at comms@learningequality.org. Thank you for celebrating with us!


Happy birthday Kolibri :heart:
Thank you Learning Equality for enhancing teaching and learning