The raspberry or the server does not recognize the usb containing the channels to import to the server

I exported the channels that were in a kolibri server to a USB device but when importing it does not recognize the USB and I cannot import the channels, it shows the message: “There are no units with Kolibri resources connected to the server”
Kolibri version 14.6
google chrome and edge browsers

hi, @lcacerop what kind of installation do you have in the Raspberry? a normal Raspbian?
also, do you know if the user running kolibri in the Raspberry is the same user created during the OS installation so it has the needed rights?

This documentation explains all the things you can check in order to know what 's happening: Troubleshooting — Kolibri User Guide

Also, if you have access to the Raspberry , having the logs of kolibri might be helpful if the problem is not an OS problem. Troubleshooting — Kolibri User Guide explains how to get them, so you can attach the file to this forum thread.

Hope this helps,