Subtitles in Kolibri

Using CC in Spanish KaLite, available in Kolibri too ??


Hi @frankarl, thank you for your post!

Kolibri user interface is localized to Spanish, and the availability of the closed captions will depend on the resources included in the content channels you import on your local server. Kolibri offers the possibility to import many more channels in Spanish compared to KA Lite, and it is safe to assume that the same resources with CCs you were using with KA Lite will be available in Kolibri too.

Could you share a bit more how are captions benefiting the learners in your facility? Are they used to aid the listening comprehension, to overcome sound device challenges, or because you are working with learners who are deaf or hard on hearing?

Major use for cc is that if you have many learners confined next to each other, sometimes going the cc way solves the problem vs using earphones. CC was immediately available in KALite, do not see it in Khan spanish Kolibri.


Hello @frankarl,

Apologies for the late response. It looks like Khan Academy has made several updates to their content, so their Spanish subtitles are no longer in sync with their English videos. We are planning to automatically generate subtitles, but will need to look into the licensing on those generated files first.

We appreciate your patience as we work to sort this out!