Storage not entirely accounted for


We have a 160GB virtual machine that keeps saying we have run out storage after using only 71GB of the storage, we tried deleting all the channels in hopes that reloading the channels would resolve the issue but it does not. the virtual machine literally only hosts the channels, is there a reason for this to be happening?

Technical details

  • Kolibri version: 0.15.2
  • Operating system: Linux Ubuntu
  • Browser: Google Chrome

Hi @William,

Kolibri will not delete the actual content files unless told explicitly to do that. Since we emphasize Kolibri’s abilities for use in resource constrained contexts, such as low or non-existent connectivity, deleting the content files could be costly for users where bandwidth comes with significant cost. Additionally, particular resource files can be shared across channels, so in order to delete the content files themselves, there’s a specific flow in the UI you need to take to delete the resources themselves and make that clearer to the end users.

In order to remove the resource files themselves through the UI, please follow this procedure from the Device > Channels page:

  1. Click ‘Manage’ on the channel which you’d like to delete any or all resources
  2. Select any or all resources you’d like to delete
  3. Click the ‘Delete’ button
  4. After clicking ‘Delete’, please be sure to select the option to ‘Also delete any copies found in other locations and channels’ in the ‘Delete resource’ modal
  5. After clicking ‘Delete’ in the confirmation modal, the resource files themselves will be deleted


@blaine I followed this guide when deleting the channels before logging this issue, please advise. Thank you.

@William Unless Kolibri didn’t properly delete the files when you followed those specific instructions, the issue does not appear to be with Kolibri itself. I’d advise you inspect the system itself to determine what is using the storage.