Kolibri storage

Good day

We have a virtual machine that runs on 160GB of storage and 10GB of the storage is used up by OS files we have imported 102GB worth of content on the VM but it says we only have 1GB of storage left on the VM. Is there a reason for this? we have tried to remove all the content and reload it back but we end up where we started.

Hello @William
Free disk space is calculated on the partition where kolibri options and content are stored (KOLIBRI_HOME). If you haven’t changed it in your options, it should be something like /home/your_user/.kolibri
Could it be your VM is using a different partition for /home that has less space?
If that’s the case, you can change KOLIBRI_HOME to another directory where you have more space.


@jredrejo I have attached the available partitions on the VM with their designated sizes, Kolibri_Home is currently in the 155GB partition.
Screenshot from 2023-11-23 07-48-26

Hello @William looking at your screenshot it says you have used 154G out of 155G, so only 1 G is available. It seems the message kolibri is providing is correct.