Step by Step Setup for Syncing?

The “Install Kolibri” link on the Kolibri website leads to a 404 readthedocs page. However, we managed to find some documentation anyway.

However, we cannot get the syncing to work. We install Kolibri 13 on a raspberry pi and set up coaches/students/content. Then, we cloned the sd card and put it into a different pi. The 2nd pi was taken offline and the student completed various work/assignments. That pi was brought back online but the two never synced up.

Is there a step-by-step guide on how to set up the system with syncing?

Thanks for any help.

Hi @swaectech

Thanks for letting us know about the broken links from the website to the documentation – those have been fixed.

The sync workflow you’re describing is not supported in 0.13, but will be supported in 0.14 which is currently in beta testing and will be released very soon. New sync features will allow you to import an existing facility from one device to another, separate the devices, and then sync them back together at a future time.

Please be aware that if an SD card image is cloned and used in multiple devices, this will actually make it harder to sync later because Kolibri will not be able to track the devices independently and then reconcile the parallel changes. The new facility import functionality used during device setup in 0.14 will address this. See this tutorial for guidance on provisioning multiple devices in 0.13 and below.

Once 0.14 is released, we’ll update the documentation with more information.


Thank yo for your quick response. Is there a method to sign up to be part of the beta testing?

Hi @swaectech,

You can learn more about our beta testing program and express interest in testing by completing our inquiry form here. Thank you!!


Laura, Thank you so much! I appreciate your help. --David