Issues starting on Windows 7

after the installation is complete it says the following "“Please wait the server is starting …” after that the program kind of freezes no python.exe is not shown in the Task Manager . help i am leaving my home tommorrow without this i will not be able to complete my test: USING A LAPTOP, WINDOWS 7

It sounds like the call to load KA Lite is erroring immediately. Could you try running the following from the command line?

C:\Python27\Scripts\kalite start

And tell us the output?

There is no script named KaLite. i have reinstalled the program but now there is a new problem environment variable not set

Interesting, it should be installed there! Can you do dir and see if there is any batch script in there? If it’s not present, that might explain why it is not starting.

Which environment variable is not set?

yeah there is something called Garden.bat

i think i should reinstall it one more time just to be safe then try doing stuff inside the scripts

We have not created any file called Garden.bat ourselves, and there should be a file called kalite.bat in there. If it is not, then that would certainly explain why KA Lite is not starting, that file is needed to begin the server on Windows.

it’s not there

i was reinstalling everything was going fine and then it all stopped on 99% i think i have to reinstall it once more i have reinstalled it 5 times and each time it did better for some reason this time it did install kalite.bat but then froze in the end.

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i think i should do something manually so here i go

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Now i actually need help the bat file says the database has already been created then where i can access that database. is not working

What happens when you run C:\Python27\Scripts\kalite start?

Can also check the status command invoked in the same way as start.

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richard it starts but then automatically shuts it’s self down "Warning : Database File already Exists
upgrading database to 0.17.5 baking a fresh database from scratch or upgrading existing database "then it shuts it’s self down “Unclean Shutdown” invoked do work and it shows all the possible opt that i can use on kalite and this is what i found from the log “FATAL ERROR - The following SQL query failed: CREATE TABLE “_south_new_main_userlogsummary” (“total_logins” integer NOT NULL)
The error was: table “_south_new_main_userlogsummary” already exists” this is what i found inside the log any help ?

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Will There be no help than ???

It sounds like a previous migration was partly applied. Do you have any data in the database that you wish to keep, or has it never started?

If the latter, then I would recommend deleting the database file and running kalite manage setup to get the database in the correct starting state.

The database file should be in C:\Users\YourUsername\.kalite\ folder.

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