Resource list of every channel?

Hello, LE community!

I was wondering if there is a list of all the resources in every channel. This would be very helpful to browse the channels without doing it inside the Studio. It would also make it easier to plan classes and future channel downloads.

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Hello @anruiz93 ,

There are currently two ways to preview all content of a channel:

  1. Before importing it in Kolibri
  2. When it’s available for a channel in Catalog, you can click on the context menu in the bottom right corner (three dots) of the channel card and then click “View channel on Kolibri”. This will redirect you to a page where you can preview the content of the channel.

Does this information address your needs?

Best regards

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Thank you Michaela for your prompt answer.

I was thinking something more of a list/summary on a PDF. The Catalog is handy, but it involves clicking in and out the channels to navigate them. A list of the resources might save time when planning channel downloads/classes.

Thank you for your time!

Hi Nicolás,

No, we don’t have such a list available. For many channels it would result in a huge PDF due to a large number of resources in them. That’s why the ways I mentioned earlier are, generally speaking, preferred for previewing content. What is the level of granularity you are looking for?

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Hey Michaela,

I was thinking of an overview of each channel with an overview of the topics. Such PDF might help to share a big picture of each channel to the users.

Hello Nicolás,

I am going to report it to the team. Thank you for your feedback.

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