[RESOLVED] WebpackError: Error accessing stats file

Hi I am new Kolibri and want to contribute. I am getting this error while accessing the server at . Does any one know how to resolve this?
This is what terminal is showing :

I tried resolving using - npx browserslist@latest --update-db
Now I am getting this error :

Hi @abhishek_kumar ! Welcome to our forum, and thank you for posting and sharing the screenshots.

From my understanding, you’re trying to start the Kolibri development server, correct? If this is the case, here are some suggestions:

  1. When I see “Webpack Error, Compilation still in progress,” in the browser, it is possible that the frontend assets have not finished building. So, my first suggestion is to run the command again, and check the terminal and wait for the “Kolibri Build: Initial build complete in ______ seconds” message to appear before trying to go to your localhost, or
  2. If you are still getting the webpack error, even after seeing the “initial build” message, try running yarn run build, which should bundle up and build all of the frontend assets separately, and see if you get the same complication error. If not, then continue and run yarn run devserver again.

Hopefully that solves the problems you’ve been encountering. Keep us posted.



@Sairina Thanks for your reply.It worked.