[RESOLVED] How to Backup a Set of Kolibri Classes?

Our partner school in South Sudan has created 12 Kolibri classes (math, science, history, biology, chemistry, etc.) each with 10 or more units that each contain anywhere from 4-62 lessons! How do they backup this significant amount of content? Many hours have been spent on this effort and they do not want to lose their work if something happens to the server.

Technical details

  • Kolibri version 0.14.6
  • RACHEL-Plus 3.0 1TB server (from World Possible)
  • 20 Chromebooks connect to the RACHEL server

I was referred to the Facility Import and Sync features (as described in the Kolibri manual) and this worked beautifully. Problem solved!

Hello @grfriesen!

We are glad you managed to make a backup of your facility to another device. Remember to keep syncing devices regularly, so any new channels/resources and lessons/quizzes created on the initial device are reflected on the device you use as a backup.