[RESOLVED] Forms not working in HTML5 content on v15

Hi LE team
Some HTML5 content that we have imported from RACHEL have forms elements in order to browse for content quickly.
In v14.7 there was a [HTML5] section in options.ini file
We just added allow-forms to the “sandbox” line and then forms worked right away
v15 options doesnt have this section, we have added it but with no results, kolibri ignores that section
The new documentation doesnt say anything about it
How can we get forms to work in v15?
How can we edit the sandbox?

Thank you very much
Juan Pablo

Hi Juan Pablo,

Thanks for reaching out on this. I’ve filed this in Github for the team to look into. If there’s a change that can be implemented to re-instate this, we’ll provide an update in the linked issue.


Forms do work with version v0.15. The Github issue explains why and how to proceed in these cases.