Problem HTML5: "index.html does not exist inside"

Operating System (e.g. Windows, MacOS, Linux): MACOS

Browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari): Chrome

Channel (Name of the channel you were working on): SentiPensar

Description of problem:
I have create my channel at Kolibri Studio and I am trying to upload one HTML5 fold that I have exported directly from my articulate storyline, but it sends me the following message:

“index.html does not exist inside”.

Could you please help me understand the problem?

Hello @Bruna_Lobo,

My name is Samson, a core contributor at Learning Equality. You are very welcome to our community!

Regarding the issue you are experiencing, the error simply means that you are trying to upload HTML5 content without an index.html file. Consider an index.html file a landing page for your HTML5 content, that Studio defaults to when your content is loaded. Please verify that you have a file named “index.html” in the folder you are trying to upload (I presume that you zipped the folder before the upload).

To learn more about how to use HTML5 content in Studio, I recommend reading through the documentation provided here. The same link also includes documentation on other supported file types and how to use them.


Hi Bruna, I had the same situation and resolved very easily in the following way:

  • Publish your storyline course
  • Browse the published folder files
  • Rename the file “story.html” as “index.html”
  • ZIP the folder
  • Use that ZIP with Studio

NOTE: when ZIPPING the folder, make sure the Zipped package has the same structure as when you ZIP the package directly with Storyline.

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@Antonio_Herrera, thanks for the additional context when using Storyline HTML5 resources. Hopefully, this should help resolve the issue you experienced @Bruna_Lobo.

@Antonio_Herrera , thank you!!! I finally got it. I finally got it. The problem was in the structure of the folders. When I changed the name to index.html, the order of the files changed.

@Bruna_Lobo, we are glad to know that the issue has been resolved. And thank you @Antonio_Herrera for sharing your insights into the issue.