Kolibri docker ignores options.ini

I built and ran kolibri in docker according to the instructions of the following post

It worked right away
Now I need to modify the options.ini file (specifically the SANDBOX line) adding “allow-forms”
SANDBOX = allow-scripts allow-forms

When I run the docker I get the following message:
WARNING Ignoring unknown option in options file /root/.kolibri/options.ini under top level: SANDBOX.
INFO Running Kolibri with the following settings: kolibri.deployment.default.settings.base

The same modification works perfectly when I install kolibri in the regular way

How can I fix that?

Technical details

  • Kolibri version 0.14.7
  • Ubuntu 18.04

Hello Juan Pablo,
SANDBOX is not a kolibri option to be placed in options.ini so the message you’re seing is correct.

In any case kolibri already uses those options when loading content inside iframes, so, unless you’re making your own developments it should not be needed:

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Thanks Jose, actually all the problem was that we forgot to uncomment the following line


sucede en las mejores familias :slight_smile: