Raspberry Pi 4 and Kolibri

Hey Guys!

Since the Raspberry Pi 4 has been launched, what could we expect further down the road with regard to user experience and using the Pi as a server?

Hi -

We’re in the progress of updating our Raspberry Pi documentation.

The experience will be based on the new kolibri-server Debian package, which you can read about and try here: https://kolibri.readthedocs.io/en/latest/install/ubuntu-debian.html#higher-performance-with-the-kolibri-server-package

The kolibri-server package integrates Kolibri with uwsgi and nginx for improved performance on devices such as the Pi.


Hi Devon

I’ve clicked the link and followed the steps, however it said unavailable for Raspbian Stretch. I then tried it on another device with Raspbian Buster and it said unavailable for Raspbian Buster. Are there any alternative steps?

Dear @Nathier_Abrahams - this error occurs because indeed the Launchpad PPA does not have repositories with labels for buster/stretch/jessie and other Debian series, the distribution lables in PPAs are only for Ubuntu. However, the kolibri release itself is identical for all Debian-based distros.

We have written a tutorial that was just updated for using both the kolibri package and the kolibri-server package, which is highly recommended to speed up the Raspberry Pi for a much greater serving capacity.

Please refer to: https://kolibri.readthedocs.io/en/release-v0.12.x/install/tutorials/rpi.html