How to install kolibri-server (pre-release) on Debian


Different ways to install kolibri on Ubuntu and Debian, but only one way to install kolibri-server (pre-release), which resemble the Ubuntu installation. To install kolibri-server on Debian, I’m guessing I somehow need to point to the Launchpad PPA?

Technical details

  • Kolibri version: Latest
  • Operating system: Debian Strech Raspian Desktop

hi @matsakelarsson

there’s no difference on the way to install it in Debian or Ubuntu, you can either install the ppa or just adding manually the repo to a sources.list file. Read the kolibri-server install instructions here.

Beware the repo is still kolibri-proposed, not kolibri as those instructions explain. kolibri-server has not been moved to the main kolibri repo yet.

echo "deb**kolibri-server**/ubuntu cosmic main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/learningequality-ubuntu-kolibri-cosmic.list

is the command to execute.

One additional note is that Kolibri does have some additional stand-alone installation methods on linux including downloading a .deb file, downloading a .pex file, or installing with pip install. These are not available for the kolibri-server package because it has dependencies on other Debian packages.