Portable version of kolibri for windows

I was looking at portable versions of python and the pex version of kolobri as I wanted to have it run off of a usb key in libraries ect.

Do you think that kolobri pex will run using winpython ?


I know I will have to make some changes probably but wanted to get some feedback before I spend too much time on this.

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Hello @JBL
We know some efforts have been done to get what you are requesting . At least https://endlessos.com/ were working on that solution but I don’t think they have a public release yet.

Based on kolibri current technologies , https://www.pyinstaller.org/ is the most promising approach but I’m afraid LE does not have it in its current roadmap. If you want to try it and get some results, please, don’t hesitate in sharing with us your progress.