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Channels> Khan Academy (English) > Math > 2nd grade > Measurement and data > Picture graphs

The 2 quizzes in that folder require internet to be completed. The quiz is programmed to take the picture from an online server, unlike the other quizzes where the pictures are already downloaded, therefore in offline mode the pictures will not show at all.

Channels > Khan Academy (English) > Math > 4th grade > Geometry > Measuring angles > Measure Angles

This one is the same thing too. The protractor won’t show up without internet.

Channels > Khan Academy (English) > Math > Basic geometry > Angles > Angle types > Benchmark angles

This quiz is completely broken.

I only completed a few grades, all Quizzes imo. need to be re-checked.

Thank you @goddamn_life for the report. I am passing this information to the people in charge. I will tell you here when the problem is solved.

José L.

Hello again @goddamn_life
I have created an issue for these problems to be fixed. You can track the progress in this url.
Thanks again for your report
José L.