Missing article in Khan English channel math content

There is a wrong with math contents in Khan English Channel.
You skipped many articles.
For example see this link in official website

There is a article named Intro to multiplication
And see this link in Kolibri
I can’t see it.
There are many articles skipped like this example.
Something else, math videos come in low quality and resolution, Could you make them in medium quality and resolution?
I hope you fix that soon.

see these screenshots
The missing article in official website

in Kolibri

Hi there - thanks for the feedback. We don’t currently support the Khan Academy article on Kolibri, so that is why it is missing. I assume you would be interested in seeing this on Kolibri in the future?

articles are part of learning materials in Khan school.
It’s not something else.

by that you give us incomplete materials.
aslo there is a video missing.

I hope you update materials like Khan school today

another video missing

and in Kolibri