Network saturation

Hi everyone

I have as a kolibri server a raspberry PI with a 128 GB microSD and a router to extend the signal. When importing resources on more than 6 devices, the network is saturated and the channel import does not progress, how can I solve this problem?

Hello @lcacerop
it would be important to know what’s the bottleneck. In this case it’s either the server can’t handle all the traffic or the link between the server and the router can’t do it.
Please, ensure the link between the Raspberry and your router is with a cable, not with wifi. That’s the only way to allow all the devices traffic to reach the raspberry.

You can find more tips and real setup examples in the Hardware Guide at 3. Kolibri Implementation Pack - Google Drive (en español en la guía de hardware disponible en Kolibri Implementation Pack - Google Drive )