Multiple concurrent device connection on Raspberry without router


I am using Kolibri on Raspberry Pi 4.

When I use the latest version without a router, I have 8 concurrent users.
This is a symptom that I also have when I use with Rachel or other servers on Raspberry Pi.

Is there any restriction in kolibri?

There aren’t any restrictions for the number of users for Kolibri, just the capacity of the device.

We have reports of using connecting up to 24 concurrent users with a RPi 4. Even if that’s an extreme case, you should be able to connect 15 users with a RPi.
If you only can connect 8 there must be some kind of problem, maybe a slow SD card or too much distance to the RPi, or a bad configuration of the device.


Thank you for your reply.

I installed the kollibri-pi-image-0.14.5 image on RPi 4, 4G, 8G and 3B+.

I used Samsung MicroSD Card 128G.

I tried connecting the equipment at the same time using Galaxy Tab.

Only eight of them can be connected at the same time.

Is there anything else I can try?


This may be an issue with the wifi firmware depending on the version of Raspbian or Raspios the image you’re using was built on. Users of various projects that create wifi hotspots were reporting a limit of 7 or 8 concurrent connections a few months ago.

I believe this is fixed in the latest Raspios. The latest rachel-pi images which are on the rachel forums were tested by users with more than 8 devices. I built those on the latest version.

Hope that helps.

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