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Hello all

I will do a charitable project to educate children and girls in rural areas of my country, and I want to use Kolibri. Can you Guide me to use cases and actual applications in some country?


Hi Ibrahim,

Great question! We are working on building a Kolibri stories map that will provide a consolidated place for examples of application, but for now I can point you to a few resources with examples:

  • Our KA Lite map. KA Lite is no longer actively being developed, but some of the organizations who submitted stories have since switched over to using Kolibri. You can get a sense from this of the types of contexts where our software has been implemented.
  • Some of our blog posts, such as this recent post featuring our work with Shoulder to Shoulder in Honduras (and also links to a blog they wrote about using Kolibri during the pandemic), our work with UNETE in schools in Mexico, and some reflections and anecdotes by our UX Researcher, Riddhi.
  • Our Kolibri EdTech Toolkit showcases some of the implementation models in action via our implementation guide and also our blended learning training deck.
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@laura Is there some way people can volunteer to assist in consolidating and updating this content?