We're building a Kolibri map! Let us know what YOU would like to see

Dear Learning Equality community,

Building off the success of the KA Lite map, our team is developing a new map for Kolibri implementation stories. This will be a place for the community to share and learn about other implementation profiles across the world, as well as connect and support each other. We would love to get your feedback on the types of information you would find most beneficial from this resource.

Please share your preferences in the poll below, and feel free to comment with any areas we may have missed. Note that geographic region will be incorporated by default.

Select the topic areas that you would most like to see in an implementer’s profile on a Kolibri implementation map:
  • Information about the implementing organization / user
  • Implementation setting (School / After school program/ community centers, etc)
  • Total number of learners reached
  • Pedagogical model (Self paced / Blended learning / etc.)
  • Description of a typical Kolibri session
  • Hardware device types & setup
  • Device to learner ratio (refers to the no. of tabs/laptops per learner during a session/class)
  • Devices used at a time during a Kolibri session
  • Age range of learners
  • Public channels used from the Kolibri Content Library
  • Tokens of personal channels to share for public use
  • Languages

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Are there any other topics areas apart from the ones listed above that you would be useful for you to know?