Multi-media content not showing

Original question:
"Hi and sorry for needing to ask for help with an email. I’m currently on a very limited internet connection and trying to get a new installation of KA Lite, the latest version, working on a Windows 8 with Firefox browser. In both Firefox and IE browsers installed on the machine, the multimedia content and the problem-solving content does not show. The videos give a black box with nothing in it. A learning activity has the normal interface, but the actual content such as the math question/problem to solve, or the graphs, or the graphics in the basic counting exercises aren’t showing up.

The videos and content folder have registered with KA Lite. I checked that."

Hey Laura,
Not sure about KA Lite though, we have been able to address this problem of low bandwidth or no connection issues with our Moodle based Nucleus web based LMS and Brainmint mobile learning LMS app which works for elearning both online (low speed connections) and offline too.